Wolf Pack *Original


  • Image of Wolf Pack *Original
  • Image of Wolf Pack *Original
  • Image of Wolf Pack *Original
  • Image of Wolf Pack *Original
  • Image of Wolf Pack *Original

Wolf Pack was originally illustrated in 2016 for Kill Zero's drift racing team "Wolf Pack", this drawing was later updated and embellished in 2018.

Defame illustrated the artwork with Microns, brush pens, acrylic ink, and Gelly rolls on Canson watercolor paper.

In the framing process Defame hand painted and embellished the wood frame using inks, shimmer spray, and acrylic ink. The back of the frame has been mounted and is equipped with wire hangers, rubber stoppers, and has been stamped.

Artwork Size: 11.75"x 7.75"
Frame Size: 13.25"x 9.25"
-Hand painted frame
-Signed, sealed and dated (in gold foil)
-Certificate of Authentication

*for personal or gallery display only. All rights reserved by artist.

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