Original Vatskull Pin


  • Image of Original Vatskull  Pin
  • Image of Original Vatskull  Pin
  • Image of Original Vatskull  Pin
  • Image of Original Vatskull  Pin

Vatskull pin

The Vatskull pin is the very first enamel pin design by Defame. Each pin was handcrafted by Pin Game Strong; their attention to detail is remarkable! The style of pin is recessed sandblasted, which gives the metal a clean and matte finish. Defame's original pins are a semi metallic/semi matte finish with a matte grey engraving. In addition, the embellished pins engraving has been painted with acrylic ink and then been sanded to reveal the raw metal, giving it a shine.

The Vatskull is a headless vampire skull that spends its nights soaring, searching for it's body. This creature is never in tune with it's body nor does it know it's whereabouts. The Vatskull is consumed with it's thoughts, it barely eats, barley sleeps, it is always in search for it's lower half. Vatskull longs for it's search to be over so that it can finally rest, be at peace, and be one. Make this search over by giving it a body...a warm body to latch itself to.

Details about these pins, they are 1.65", they have two pins on the back that have rubber stoppers, and are recessed metal. Each pin comes packaged and sealed.

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