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Never Beard Mini Original


  • Image of Never Beard Mini Original
  • Image of Never Beard Mini Original
  • Image of Never Beard Mini Original
  • Image of Never Beard Mini Original

This mini original illustration by Defame was created to invoke confusion only to those that do not love the show Arrested Development. As fans of AD know, Tobias Fünke is a never nude, meaning that he cannot be naked. Tabias' condition leads him to wearing cut off shorts, thus still leaving him "naked".

Never Beard is based of Fünke's condition, only in this case he thinks having a beard is being beardless. Yes, yes, it's all too confusing-that's what makes it so fun!! The purchaser of this beautiful rarity will have the pleasure of confusing every guest that enters and leaves their glorious home...especially the in-laws ;)

The inking was drawn with a speedball nib and india ink and Gelly roll on Canson bristol paper.
Included with the illustration is a plastic frame.

Artwork size: 2.5"x 2"
Frame size: 4"x3.5"
Signed and dated
Certificate of Authentication

*for personal or gallery display only. All rights reserved by artist.

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